Essie MademoiselleRho’s current favorite toy

I’m a fan of a naked nail look – mostly out of complete laziness.

But when I do get a manicure (like for today’s secret video shoot), I stick with one color – Essie’s Mademoiselle.

Most of my friends sing the nude praises of Ballet Slippers, but Mademoiselle is my go-to.

The color is identical to my natural nail (i.e. it looks like I’m only wearing clear polish, but happen to have perfect nails).

And for some inexplicable reason, I can apply it on my own nails with no problems. The same can’t be said for any other polish, with the exception of RGB Liquid Buff (which is inexplicably sold out everywhere).

I keep meaning to mention this nail color in a Hit List or a Friday Find, but…well…life.

Better late than never? What’s your go-to nail polish? Or do you prefer the naked nail look?

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