How To Get Sh*t Done

No frills. No fuss. No bullish!t.

How To Get Sh*t Done is, hands down, the best productivity book that will transform your life.

Something that always bothered me about the other time management/productivity bibles,  namely Get Things Done and Deep Work, was the complete omission of work outside of the workplace.

Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry. Bills and taxes. Managing their kids’ schedules.

You know. Work, of the home variety.

Women, by large, take on the lion’s share of this work. And it is draining, time-intensive, and sometimes stressful. No productivity book has addressed this. Until now.

How To Get Sh*t Done is much more about the work/home work balance. It’s a purposeful guide that walks you through setting the right goals, prioritizing everything in your life to help you achieve them, and actually doing the work.

It addresses it all – personal relationships, workplace politics, dipping a toe in the outsourcing waters, and when to put blinders on vs. when to reassess.

It’s an honest, funny, and very real book. Erin Falconer doesn’t hold anything back, from losing her most valuable possessions in her first days living in Los Angeles to being let go from her own company.

It’s warm. It’s funny. It’s the first productivity book that I felt understood me – as an entrepreneur, as a mother and wife, as a friend.

I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself – and one for your best friend, and another for your sister.

It’s the gift that’ll keep on giving.

I highly recommend reading this book, The Big Life, and Drop The Ball (in that order). Things that help me get my own sh*t done – blocking out my entire day in iCal, going offline and writing my content in Evernote, and filling out my self-care checklist. A perfectly organized work bag, blue-light glasses, and this aromatherapy treatment also help.