I’m Bringing Fanny Back

“I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.”

I have this thought at least once a day. I think it when Rho asks me to sing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac during bedtime. It’s when I hear him naming dinosaurs while flipping through this book.

And it’s when I wear this bag.

I’ve always been on team fanny pack. It’s a hands-free, quite practical bag – especially when you’re running after a toddler.

But it’s a bit of a sartorial unicorn – the less expensive options were purely utilitarian (read – ugly), and the stylish options were way out of my price range.

Until now. I picked up the STATE Crosby belt bag during the Shopbop sale, and have been wearing it nonstop.

I wore it to a Holi party in Brooklyn. I wore it to Rho’s parent-teacher conference. I wore it to the ADAA art show. I even wore it yesterday when I ran to grab lunch from The Wing.

I love the mission of the brand (for one bag purchased, one backpack, filled with supplies, is donated to a child in need). I also love the founders – Jacq and Scot – who truly live in service to others, and are the most engaging couple I’ve ever met.

But back to this bag.

It’s the perfect touch to a basic outfit – skinny black pants, a camel sweater, and an oversized coat, in the case of today.

Add some studded boots, and it’s a cool outfit indeed.

Perfect for this self-proclaimed cool mom.

I curled my hair with the Beachwaver (the best!) and used these products for my makeup. All of my work essentials were packed in this tote. Here’s a different way I styled the boots, and another casual outfit I can’t get enough of lately. I publish a new outfit every Wednesday. You can find them all here.