Gnocchi Mane

“Shorty got dem apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur

That song takes me back. Back to the days of these Steve Madden platforms, to party tops and prefunks (short for prefunction, and a term I much prefer over pregame).

Back to lugging heavy chemistry books all over campus. To reading Tacitus between math problem sets. To camping out in the ASUW office in the HUB between classes. To eating a slice of Pagliacci’s for lunch far more than I ever should have.

This song takes me right back to the University of Washington in 2004.

I often think about what my younger self would think of present-day me. I think she’s be happy that I’m living in New York, that I’m working with my father again, and that I’m still doing the dual brained thing (it was majoring in biochemistry and history in college, and it’s running Rho Pharmaceuticals and writing this blog now).

I think she’d be delighted that I’m married someone who can keep up with me, and that Rho was born and born to me.

I know for a fact that she’d love this outfit.

It has everything that the past, present, and future Hitha loves – stretchy jeans and a soft topper, a little cheeky with the Gnocchi t-shirt, and a dose of style with these amazing fur-lined boots.

Yes. I think 2004 Hitha would be quite pleased at how her life turned out. Jury’s our on what 2032 Hitha thinks of me today.

I’m also a fan of this vintagey t-shirt and these statement-making shoes from Taryn Rose. I also love this dress/jacket combo and this sweatshirt when I’m craving a little comfort. You can find all my outfit posts here.