Confession – I picked Ghosted purely because of its cover. It’s beautiful, slightly mysterious and I knew the exact spot in my shelf that it belonged. That said I was happily surprised at how much I really enjoyed this book.

It starts as all good brain candy books do – with a romance. A meet cute brings guy and girl together. A steamy fling ensues. Guy never calls girl again.

Sound familiar? In the case of Ghosted, the falling off the map had a lot to do with both of their pasts which unveils itself slowly and wonderfully over the course of the book.

There is something very Sex and the City about this book, reminding me so much of Carrie and Aidan’s relationship. Sarah, the savvy city girl comes home to her English town and then falls in love with Eddie, a reclusive furniture maker. Despite their very different lives, her connection with him was so strong after their week together that she can’t leave his disappearance alone.

As with all good books there is laughter, sadness, some heartbreaking moments and lengthy descriptions of delicious sounding food. It’s everything I love in a novel. The last third of Ghosted is a literary roller coaster – I couldn’t stop myself from reading as Sarah and Eddie’s mysterious connection is finally revealed, and their future unfolding. I tore through this book in a single sitting, finishing it sometime around 2 a.m on a Saturday morning.

It was worth it. I can’t wait to see what Rosie Walsh will write next.

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