Fitness Junkie

This book has joined the repeat offender club.

It’s not as nefarious as it sounds.

Along with the authors’ first book, The Royal We, and the All Souls trilogy, Fitness Junkie that I read over and over again. Especially on those nights when I desperately need to turn off my brain but can’t fall asleep.

Janey Sweet could be all of us – an ambitious woman who, for a certain period of her life, prioritized work over everything else. She’s constantly working, is fiercely loyal to her friends, and would rather eat her food instead of Instagramming it.

(Janey and I would clearly get along).

Fitness Junkie follows Janey’s journey from a fashion CEO, to fitness neophyte, to a famous shaman’s BFF and devotee of the most exclusive class, ‘The Workout’.

It’s a truly delightful book, with authentic characters, a compelling storyline, and salacious (in the best way) in its spoofs of the fitness world – The Class, fitness trackers, SoulCycle, and even the art of food ‘gramming.

Fitness Junkie, most of all, has a lot of heart – something I’ve come to expect from Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes. Their books may be set in the elusive worlds of fashion and high-end fitness, but they write with such a warm authenticity that makes these worlds approachable.

My only complaint about the book is how abrupt the ending felt. I would love a loved a little more insight into Janey’s new normal, in addition to the roller coaster she’s on for the second half of the book.

But I suppose I’ll just have to wait for Jo and Lucy’s next book. I can’t wait to see what they write next.

If you loved this book, you’ll also enjoy The Knockoff (the authors’ first book together), The Royal We, and Plum Sykes’ (yes, sister to Lucy) books. You can find all of my book reviews here. 

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