What’s In My Summer Work Bag

Cuyana Backpack

Cuyana did it again.

The company is famous for creating fewer, better pieces to add to your closet. I purchased my first piece (this tote bag) over 3 years ago, and it still looks brand new.

Fewer, better is not a marketing slogan. It’s the ethos of their brand. And it keeps getting better.

Cuyana pieces have become my creature comforts when I travel. This tote has accompanied me on hundreds of trips. This cape is a literal security blanket on all flights, long or short. And I use my travel case every day, whether I’m running around the city or halfway around the word.

Hitha Palepu Cuyana Backpack

And then there’s the backpack.

It’s perfect – especially for the summer.

It fits absolutely everything. It’s as comfortable on your back as it is slung over a shoulder. And the pale pink, while on trend right now, is classic enough to wear year round and add a punch to my typical navy outfits.

The most notable feature is the weight. There’s a magic in Cuyana bags that make them feel lighter than other ones. I’ve carried my backpack, Rho, and his backpack the 8 blocks to summer camp with ease. At the end of the day, my back and neck feel less sore when I’ve toted this bag.

The bag isn’t the only new item I’m obsessed with this summer. Here’s a look inside, including some of my additional summer favorites.

What's Inside My Cuyana Backpack - Hitha On The Go

Cuyana backpack* – MacBook AirBaron Fig notebookMay Designs coloring bookS’well water bottleSTATE Optical sunglasses* – wallet* – folding fan – iPhone – Cuyana pouch (part of the travel set)

Most of these you’ve seen in last year’s summer bag essentials. One new addition is this small coloring book by May Designs, which I do carry everywhere. I’ve been spending my Pomodoro breaks coloring instead of scrolling Instagram or Twitter, and it’s done wonders for my productivity. I love the small size and the modern designs in this book, and the ability to customize my cover, monogram, and book color. A folding fan has become my savior during muggy days. I get super hot and sweaty, and this fan provides a bit of relief while standing on a subway platform or walking to my home.

And what’s summer without a new pair of sunglasses? STATE sent me this pair, and they frame my face beautifully while also being lightweight (which means less nose sweat). Bonus – they’re too small on my Dad’s face, which means he won’t steal them.

Summer Essentials Cuyana Backpack

Watercolor pens – Taco Bell Fire sauce – OLIKA Birdie sanitizer* – Supergoop facial sprayIT Cosmetics brushCharlotte Tilbury powderiCloth screen cleaning clothsWhish deodorant swipes – iPhone charger – Glossier balmGlossier lipstickApple AirPodsdrybar hairbrush – MacBook charger – pen

I’ve consolidated my electronics and beauty essentials into a single pouch, mostly for my own ease. There are the usual suspects (chargers, headphones, lip balm and sanitizer). There are also watercolor pens for the aforementioned coloring book and a deodorant wipe that’s been a lifesaver for freshening up.

My favorite beauty essential, however, is this Supergoop spray. It refreshes makeup beautifully, smells wonderful, and provides SPF 50 protection. Supergoop makes my favorite sun products – I keep a bottle of this spray inside Rho’s backpack, and I can’t wait to try the mousse for our Greece vacation next month.

And yes, #igothotsauceinmybag. Swag.

What bag and essentials are you loving this summer? COMMENT below and let me know!

P.S – how I pack the Cuyana travel set, and last year’s summer bag and essentials

* denotes that the item has been gifted. All opinions are always my own