Meet The Pseudo-Suit

5:30 a.m – why on Earth did I set my alarm this early? Oh. I know why. I’m a sucker for punishment. I crawl out of bed and through my morning routine…

7:00 a.m – a necessary coffee before my workout – it’s BBG arms and abs day *shudder*. I groan (loudly) through the entire workout. Finished. Boom.

8:00 a.m – make scrambled eggs for Rho and myself. I inhale mine. He eats two bites. I put on an episode of Sesame Street in an attempt to get him to eat more. (Ain’t no shame in that TV game – sometimes, it’s all that works).

10:00 a.m – Naleeni arrives, and I hand Rho off to her and rush to get ready. I throw on my outfit, twist my hair in a topknot, and apply my makeup with slightly more care. Crazy days = crazy shoes, and these studded boots are just the ticket. Out the door I run (after asking Mackenzie to snap a quick picture of me – or 57).

11:45 a.m – late for my blowout appointment. Sorry…

12:30 p.m – a quick stop to the Apple store for a new pair of headphones. Damn you, iPhone 7. I pop them in and fire up an episode of Pod Save The World. Here’s hoping these guys give a woman a podcast…please.

(Spoiler alert – they did)

3:00 p.m – after a meeting with a rockstar entrepreneur & mom (um, goals), I make my way to The Wing to power through some work and calls. My publicist gives me some exciting news about SxSW, which whips me in a flight searching-Rho’s party planning frenzy. Aaah!

4:30 p.m – ran across Madison Square Park for a quick meeting with a potential new charity for Bridge2Act. Fingers crossed that we onboard them – they’re one of my favorites.

5:00 p.m – sit down to a drink and long-awaited catch up with Rose at Mari Vanna. We haven’t gotten together in…over a year? It was nice to catch up and nerd out over books and politics.

6:45 p.m – walk into the Regal movie theater in Times Square to meet some girlfriends for a cheesy movie night – with mini champagne bottles in hand. I’m warned that Fifty Shades Darker is pretty terrible, and I’ve come prepared.

9:30 p.m – walk in the door and straight to the fridge. I’m starving, and tired. My mom is here, and reheats some leftovers for me. She talks, I listen, and promptly give her a hug. She’s the best.

11:00 p.m – head hits pillow. Zzzzzzzzzz

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