You Need To Know About – The Skimm

I’m not an early adopter on a lot of things – technology (was I the last person to get an iPhone?), beauty trends (I only adopted liquid liner last year), and the latest it-foods (kale, my gravest apologies).

But I’ve been a proud subscriber to The Skimm since last summer, shortly after it launched.  And while you’ve probably seen it touted on your favorite blogs, I’m here to tell you that you had best sign up for this newsletter:

  • Founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg are legit news hounds – both were producers at NBC News before starting The Skimm.
  • The newsletter only takes a few minutes to read.  I read it in bed, on my iPhone’s tiny screen a mere two inches from my legally blind eyes.
  • By reading The Skimm, I harbor less guilt on days I don’t get around to reading the Wall Street Journal.  Or I just “skimm” the front section for new news, and read the Marketplace section.
  • I know what the hell I’m talking about when conversations veer to the “what the hell is wrong with the world” territory.
  • You should also read their blog – a funny, honest, and empathetic chronicle on how damn hard it is to launch your own business.  I feel your pain, ladies.

Think of reading The Skimm as taking your vitamins every day.  The gummy, tasty kind, of course.  So sign up now.

You Need To Know About The Skimm