You Need To Know About – Rank & Style

It’s a typical New York City story – you’re at a cocktail party, milling about and making small talk with total strangers.  Some you feel an instant connection with, and some you can’t seem to escape fast enough.

And some are wearing incredibly funky glasses that you just need to know the source of.

I’ve forgotten the name of the eyeglasses place that Pooja recommended to me, but I quickly struck up a conversation with her and her co-founder Sonal (that continued through the party and over margaritas and appetizers), who had just launched a website that I could swear was tailor made for me.

Rank & Style – using algorithms, analytics, and all sorts of technological nerdery, it spits out top 10 lists of any beauty or style item you’re looking for – trench coats, red lipsticks, and the like.  If you’re looking for a beauty buy outside your comfort zone, or to pick up a new classic item, visit the website before making any purchase.

And sign up for the mailing list, while you’re at it (it’s not at all spammy – I promise).

You Need To Know About Rank and Style