Top 12 Essentials for a Wedding Weekend

This post was one of my most popular on the blog, and I’m terribly tardy on a follow-up.  Better late than never, right?

Wedding season is upon us – I flew home Sunday from attending one in Dallas (coincidentally, so did Grace!), and have one this month, and several more over the course of the year.  A consequence of being at that age, I suppose.

Because they’re so short and oftentimes filled with activities (especially if you’re a member of the wedding party), random essentials often are left behind at home.  Because I love you all so much, I have your back with my top 12 essentials to pack for a wedding weekend.


1.  A sweet card for the happy couple.  I like to purchase them in bulk on Etsy at the beginning of each year.
2.  Stain remover sticks are necessary, particularly when you love red wine and shaking your thing on the dance floor.
3.  My Tieks were the MVP of the weekend.  Not only are they immensely comfortable and fold up into a small packet, they also come with a collapsible bag for your heels.  (Bonus – they also make for great travel shoes!)
4.  Between allergies and heart-wrenchingly sweet toasts, tissues are a must-have.
5.  If your idea of giving a wedding gift is writing a check, make sure you have one on hand with this checkbook wallet.
6.  These tape strips work double duty for mending clothes and ensuring your outfits stay in the “appropriate range”
7.  Want your makeup to last all day and night?  Never travel without this travel-sized setting spray.
8.  A pashmina are necessary for cool evenings, aggressive air conditioning, and for chilly flights home.
9.  Never, ever, unpack a travel-sized umbrella – you never know when it’ll come in handy.  (Also, replace it immediately if you lose it.  We keep 3 backups at home).
10.  A lifesaver for early morning ceremonies, late night munchies after a reception, or for your perpetually starving husband.  These protein bars are organic, all-natural, and ridiculously tasty.
11.  Take 2 of these pills, along with lots of water and a food bar as soon as you return from the reception to keep hangovers at bay.
12.  The absolute best bandages for painful blisters.  Dance on!

Talk to me – what do you always pack for a wedding weekend?  How many weddings are you attending this year – and what is your record for most weddings attended in a year?  I have 5 confirmed weddings that we’re attending, but our record for most weddings in a year was 10.  11, if you count our own.