This Week

Sunset over NYC

As incredible as Baltimore was (stay tuned for a packing guide and travel diary), it was great to come home and just cuddle the little guy. I missed him. A lot.

With an absolutely nuts week ahead of us (major work project for him, manuscript revisions for me), we’ve been starting our days with a morning walk along the High Line. I shamelessly stole this idea from Katherine, and it’s been a perfect way to start our day. Between furious writing sessions and Bridge2Act work, I have a few previews on deck (Cuyana, Lulu Frost) and my weekly mama date with Viviana. We’re heading to Pennsylvania this weekend for a wedding and a visit to the pumpkin patch and farm I grew up going to. Turns out Katherine went to the very same one as a kid, so we have a little playdate planned for Sunday. Cue the cuteness.

Hope your week is a fantastic one! On to the links: