This Week

This Week

*inhale, exhale* 

Lots going on. I could go prattle on how busy/exhausted/excited/overwhelmed I am. But we all have full plates and overflowing to-do lists. That’s life.

That said, if you have any tips on getting a teething baby to sleep better through the night (we’re dealing with 3-4 wake-ups in the middle of the night and a 4 am wakeup time), I would love to hear it.

With a weekend in Baltimore with some of my favorite entrepreneurs ahead, I’m trying to get as much done as I possibly can by Thursday evening. Even though I’ve lived on the East Coast for most of my life, I’ve only been to the Charm City once. I’m excited to eat my weight in crab legs and get two full night’s sleep as well as taking in the best that the city has to offer.

Moving on to the links!

  • I can’t believe that Helena’s chic outfit came from Express, of all places.
  • Already thinking about holiday dresses? Do this undergarment DIY first before you start shopping!
  • An icon that happens to be Amal’s best bud and a chemical engineer, Cindy Crawford dishes on…well, everything. Is it lame that I want her book?
  • Massive congratulations to my friend Meg on the release of her book, The Life Edit! If the Marie Kondo method isn’t for you, you’ll love Meg’s straightforward approach. Plus, the book is beautiful.
  • And speaking of celebrity-penned books, Amy Schumer broke records by canceling her old contract and betting big on herself.
  • An insanely talented designer (and fellow author-in-edits-hell), Rebecca’s studio tour with Apartment Therapy is a must-watch.
  • Short on time before facing the day? This 10 minute beauty routine is your lifesaver.

Photograph from my Instagram. For those who asked for the specific links: coloring book, colored pencils, pencil box, cookbook, and Rho’s book.