This Week

This Week 68

Crikey. Where did this year go?

Even the first half of the week has flown by. Our date spree continued with catching Disgraced (amazing play, everyone should go see it) and going to the Eagles-Giants game over the weekend. We celebrated our four year anniversary with an amazing dinner at Chef’s Club last night, and are ringing in the new year with a cozy dinner at home. My cousin and his family are spending the next few days in New York, which means a trip to the AMNH and Nobu are on deck. My nephews have excellent (and expensive) taste.

I don’t know if it’s the nesting instinct or my husband’s compulsive need to organize, but I’ve been tackling different organization projects all week. Our apartment has never been more organized, which feels incredible. How do I keep it this way??? All suggestions welcome.

I’m off to finish off purging the last of my excess clothing. Here’s your last links roundup of the year!

  • Struggling with setting goals or resolutions for 2015? These posts by Stephanie and Meg are definitely worth reading.
  • Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • My favorite recipe posts include a personal story or essay – even if it’s not related to the dish at all. Felicia and Cynthia‘s posts are a feast for your eyes AND your belly.
  • Watch out champagne – cava and prosecco are coming for your high-end customers.
  • It’s funny how things come together. I had purchased this book (but had yet to read it) and this journal (but had yet to start it), and this podcast featured both. After listening to it on Sunday, I’m nearly finished the Miracle Morning and started my 5 Minute Journal today.
  • Now this is a use of Instagram I can get behind. #nomoreselfiesorwealfies

Have a great (and safe!) time tonight, and happy new year!