Summer Staples

New York summers are something awful.

They’re humid, hot, and leave me in a pathetic puddle by the time I reach my destination.

You’d think that I would know how to dress myself after 18 East Coast summers. You’d be wrong.

What I do know – linen is everything, as are bags that can slung on my shoulders and in the crook of my elbow. Flats or bust. Metal jewelry is a no-no. The days of booty shorts are long gone – and good riddance. Give me a scallop hem, and I’m a happy woman.

This tunicshorts combination is one I’ve been wearing since Talbots generously gifted them to me. They’re fairly wrinkle-resistant, are incredibly flattering, and breezy enough for the hottest and muggiest days.

I’ve sung the praises of this visor and this bag in a previous post, but it’s worth repeating. The visor is both stylish and protective, and the bag is absolutely perfect. It’s roomy, chic, and holds everything I need for even the longest days.

It’s no wonder that I’ve been wearing it weekly. Twice-weekly, depending on my laundry diligence.

I was thrilled to partner with Talbots on this Instagram campaign, but their Summer Book Club is worth repeating. Each Talbots store has a lending library where you can exchange one of your books for a new-to-you one, and I’m here for it.

And while you’re there, pick up this exact outfit and give their jewelry section a look.

Stay cool, my friends.

Or stay the least sweaty.

This summer, you’ll find me living in this silk outfit, this linen set, and this 3-in-1 dress.

I share a new outfit on Wednesdays. You can find them all here.

photography by Stevi Sesin