Leapfrog: The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs

‘The exceptional woman.’

It’s what most women-penned business memoirs – #GIRLBOSS, Lean In, Leave Your Mark, The Career Code – focus on. Mostly because the books are written by such women.

She’s the one who broke through the various ceilings to get to where she is – but her advice makes no sense to you. You are no more clearer on how to forge your own path after reading said books. The advice that is applicable?

You’ve been doing it for years.

Leapfrog is not that book. Rather, it’s the book that I’ve been waiting for.

I treasure my friendship with the author, Nathalie Molina Niño. She is passionate, strong, unyielding, and brings the best out of you. And she won’t listen to your excuses.

Leapfrog is all of her, in book form. Every one of the 50 hacks featured in the book has been vetted, tested, and proven by women entrepreneurs. Their stories are inspiring, and the advice they offer is immediately actionable.

Leapfrog busts through the bullshit of the entrepreneurial culture and through your own excuses. Molina Niño is unapologetic about calling out the bro culture of the startup space, but also the modest goals we set for ourselves as women entrepreneurs.

I’m very lucky to know many of the women featured in this book, and was happily surprised to read their stories. They revealed much more in these hacks that I ever knew, which is a happy surprise from most other books (where the advice offered in a book is the same from every interview they’ve ever given).

Leapfrog does focus on exceptional women – you in particular.

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