How To: Become A Morning Person


Somewhere between jetlag and an appreciation for watching the sun rise, I became a morning person.

It’s a welcome change, albeit unintentional.  I absolutely love waking up late (i.e. after my normal 7 a.m wake-up) on the weekend, reading the Times in bed while sipping the tea my husband brings me.  These days, I’m sipping my tea and watching the sun rise over Manhattan while he peacefully sleeps.

I had spent the better part of last year trying to become a early riser, but like relationships, it happened when I was least looking for it.  And while jetlag is largely the cause of my early wake up time in 2013, these tips have helped me stick to it.

Morning Worm – I have a love-hate relationship with this iPhone app.  My hatred for the obnoxious siren it emits is marginally outweighed by the fact that it actually wakes me up.  After swiping the phone to stop the siren, Taylor Swift’s “Red” blares as I solve a simple puzzle.  With no snooze option, you’re left with no choice but to complete the puzzle – and once it’s done, there’s no going back to sleep.  It’s a brilliant (and annoying) invention, that app.  And most importantly, it’s effective.

A glass of water – After finishing the infuriating Morning Worm puzzle, I promptly guzzle the glass of water with lemon on my nightstand.  The immediate hydration is refreshing and eye-opening.  It’s also a healthy, detoxifying way to start the day.

Exercise – Next to my water are a fresh set of workout clothes.  If I get those on first thing in the morning, I will actually go to the gym.  Lately, it’s been happening after my morning tea, journaling, and a quick breakfast while watching the sunrise.

A morning ritual – One of the many books I got around to reading on vacation was The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.  The first recommendation that Cameron makes is starting the day with writing 3 pages, longhand, of pure stream-of-consciousness.  I’m hooked – it’s a cathartic exercise that primes my mind for the day.  Writing my morning pages, followed by a visit to the gym, is my new favorite way to start the morning.

If you’re wondering what happened to my old weekend ritual – I still read the Times in bed, sipping a cup of tea.  It’s just after my morning pages & workout.  And a shower, obviously.

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