Fitness On The Go – Sneakerless Workouts, volume 2

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m a frequent sharer of Grace and Felicia’s fitness posts.

Both women have chronicled their “journey of buff” (dubbed by Felicia) in such a refreshing, honest way that it’s nearly impossible to not be inspired.

If I’m going to be honest, my own fitness journey has screeched to a halt in the new year.  Yes, I’ve attended a fitness class here and there (thanks to ClassPass!), but I’ve been just terrible at scheduling my workouts and treating fitness as a non-negotiable.

That all ends today.  And you’ll never believe where I’ve found my favorite, FREE fitness resources (that can be done in the smallest of spaces).

Seriously, guess.

Answer – Instagram & BuzzFeed.  And YouTube (but you already knew that one, you smarty pants).

Instagram – 15×15 Workouts

The concept behind 15×15 workouts is genius.  15 seconds of a single, HIIT move that hits all the body parts.  15 reps.  15 seconds of rest in-between. Daily workouts uploaded at midnight EST.

Anyone can do that in the time between they down their coffee and hit the shower.  Anyone.

If you’re like me and dipping a toe back into the fitness game, this is the place to start.

BuzzFeed – One-Song Workouts

Music makes or breaks a workout.  It’s just a fact.

BuzzFeed combines the agony of creating the perfect workout playlist and finding a workout by creating their amazing one song workouts.  Combining classic body weight exercises with a songs that can only be described as pump up jams, you get a full body blast AND an emotional high that one can only achieve by blasting Jay Z’s “On To The Next One”

And like 15×15, it can be done in the smallest of spaces.  For me, it’s the narrow hallway of my teeny tiny apartment or slightly larger hotel rooms.  But given the intensity of the cardio moves, you’ll want to perform these workouts with sneakers or on a cushy carpet.

YouTube – Doonya

Last (but certainly not least) is for you Bollywood lovers out there.

Doonya is a dance fitness class that combines classical Indian, Bollywood, and folk dance from my native country.  And yes, they have studio workouts (members of ClassPass, y’all) and DVDs, but their YouTube channel is chock full of great, quick workouts that target a variety of areas.

My favorites – this abs workout, this arms workout, and this intense plyometrics workout.

Strong is the new sexy, folks.  And if you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon, come hop back on with me.  Because I too want to have the strength to punch people when I’m 90.

How do you stay motivated to work out?  Do you have a go-to quick workout, or ones suitable for tiny spaces?  COMMENT below and let me know!  And be sure to visit the first volume of sneakerless workouts.

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