This Week

Whenever I have a week of intense socializing, it needs to be followed up by a week of being a hermit.

That about sums up these past two weeks.  My husband’s new project (read – no more Australia) has him in NYC, so it’s been so nice to spend weeknights together.  We took in a documentary last night at my co-working space and are having a double date with Olivia and her fiance on Friday night.  Mix in a lunch with Usha, a dinner with Hallie, and a visit from my BFF and her family on Saturday, and you have a pretty balanced week, combined with that whole day job of mine.  Which will be consuming me next week.

Consider this week’s link roundup the blogger edition.  What can I say?  I’m buds with some incredibly talented writers.

  • I’ve struggled with finding the right productivity tool (the notebook & Bullet Journal method bit the bullet a few weeks ago), so now I’m trying out Todoist.  Victoria showed exactly how she uses this tool, and I know Lisa is a fan.  I spent Sunday setting up projects (and sub-projects), and am taking my time to populate tasks.  I’ll keep you posted how this goes…
  • I rarely will buy multiple pairs of anything, but these flats from Grace’s collection with Matt Bernson was just too good.  I dubbed them Bollywood in shoe form, and I stand by it.  I never need another pair of shoes for any Indian formal event, ever.  The fact that they’re immensely comfortable make them great travel and walking shoes as well.  Bravo, Grace!
  • Felicia just moved into a new home.  Not only am I in love with her light-filled space, I’m also addicted to her meditations on creating a home.  Given that we’re moving into a new apartment this spring, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her reflections.
  • It takes a talented writer to combine heart disease awareness with an informative Q&A post.  Hallie does that perfectly.
  • Not a blogger referral, but this tank.  It’s too good.  But if we were going to list all my favorite foods, we’d be heading into maxi dress territory.
  • I hope to possess a fraction of the grace, wisdom, and wit that Raluca has when I’m in my thirties.  Following her tips seems like the perfect place to start.

Talk to me – what’s new with you this week?  What outfit are you dreaming of wearing when the weather warms up?  For me, it’s a ballerina-inspired outfit of this dress and these flatssans tights.

image by hallie wilson, via