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Lindsay Ellingson Travel Tips

Lindsay Ellingson
Model | Co-Founder & Creative Director, Wander Beauty

I guess you could say I’m a minimalist packer. I never ever check a bag, but I do cram as much as possible into my carry-on (at times worrying the zipper will break). I also bring my large Cèline tote everywhere I travel.  After 10 years of traveling the world, I’ve learned ways to minimize my time at the airport. I bought my carry on years ago in Paris.  Its a genius rolling duffel bag made by Kipling. I love that it folds nearly flat for easy storage and has large durable zippers which haven’t busted yet (knock on wood). I get very attached to my bags – maybe it’s because I usually travel alone and there’s so many memories I have with them.

Lindsay Ellingson Beach

I usually get very anxious the day before I travel, so I like to have everything packed and ready to go.  First, I check the weather at my destination and then pack my clothing accordingly, with a couple pairs of shoes to match.  I always make sure to bring heels and a nice dress, in case I have dinner with a client.  Being the beauty junkie I am, I save 1/3 of my bag for my beauty products!  You could call me an expert beauty packer at this point. I put all my liquids in a gallon-sized bag (which is cheating a little) and then make sure to pack all of my Wander Beauty products that I’m testing.  It takes me a little less than an hour.

Lindsay Ellingson Tropics

If I’m flying domestically, I’ll check in online and arrive 1 hour before my flight. For international trips, I give myself an extra half hour. I have elite status with most airlines and am fortunate to fly business class pretty often, so I use the elite lines which are quick and seamless.  But every travel day is different, and I’ve learned to prepare myself for anything – from bad weather, long lines (or even worse no elite status lines), cancellations, slow travelers in front of you, or rude grumpy people in general. I just rub a little rose oil on my wrists, relax and let go.  I’m the fastest person through security! I have my shoes off, liquids out, jacket off and everything in the bin before I even reach the front of the line. I recommend wearing shoes that come on and off easily!

Lindsay Ellingson Husband

I’m an aisle girl. I’m slightly claustrophobic and hate asking people to get up when I have to use the restroom. I like the freedom to stretch out and move around. I love to enjoy a glass of red wine and watch any newly released movies that I haven’t seen yet.  If there’s WiFi, I usually catch up on emails, write up blog posts for Wander Beauty, and text my husband and sisters.  If there’s no WiFi, I love to sleep! It’s nice to be forced to disconnect from your iPhone for a few hours which I rarely find time to do!

My travel essentials are:


first image by Derek Kettela | all other images provided by Lindsay Ellingson