Detoxifying Green Lemonade


People have lauded the benefits of green juices for a while now.  I have recently become one of them.

My first taste of these health-filled elixirs was during a BluePrint Juice cleanse.  I became addicted to the green juices and spicy lemonades, purchasing the individual ones via Fresh Direct – until the $10/juice tab proved to be too rich.

So I did what any self-respecting juice addict would do – I made it at home, combining the two juices to create a refreshing, nutrient-packed drink.  And since I’ve started every morning sipping it, I’ve noticed my under eye circles fading, my energy levels increasing, and my skin tone improving.

It’s that good.  Best of all, you can make it in your blender!  (Warning – I blew through my Magic Bullet after making these for a solid year.  Blend wisely, or upgrade to a Vitamix, which is worth every expensive penny).

Editor’s note – this recipe is exactly how I prepare it.  1 teaspoon of cayenne is VERY spicy, so exercise caution when adding the spice.  You can always add more later.

Detoxifying Green Lemonade Recipe