Travel Tip – Packing you Personal Item


One travel tip I’ve been dying to share is the best way to pack your personal item.  That oddly named, catch-all of everything that you have to unload at security and lugs everything that didn’t fit in your suitcase.

A better name is desperately needed for such an essential piece of luggage.

The first tip is picking the perfect bag.  I’ve obviously been a fan of bags by Lo & Sons and Dagne Dover, but I want to add a third to the list – the Sia by Sole Society.


It’s one hell of a bag.  The upper component is roomy enough to carry the essentials, and the bottom can fit 3 pairs of shoes.  Which brings me to the second tip – pack at least one pair of shoes in your travel tote to conserve space in your suitcase.

My sneakers, sandals, and flats fit perfectly inside the Sia.  Then again, I have absurdly small feet.


One of the issues I hear often (and suffer from in my normal bags) is black hole syndrome – the inevitability of not being able to find anything in my bag.  Tip number three is put it in a pouch.  As in, any small item (chargers, jewelry, beauty items, even socks for freezing cold flights) go in a pouch.  My favorite pouches – this one by Rebecca Atwood and this Wink & Winn crossbody that is comprised of three different pouches (um, score).


These three tips are the reason I can get this baby packed in 5 minutes.  BUT my lovely newsletter subscribers will receive a printable packing list tomorrow – sign up to snag it (along with my clothing calculator and toiletries packing guide).  AND you’ll get a first look at the newest offerings from Pack Perfect.

Disclosure – Sole Society gifted me this bag and the scarf, hat, and a pair of shoes shown in this post.  All opinions, however, are my own.  I only partner with brands I love, and I thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Hitha On The Go possible!