Travel Tip – Packing the Perfect Clothing


“That’ll be $20.83, ma’am.”

For two pairs of underpants?  Seriously?  Dumbfounded, I handed over my credit card and shook my head.  I can’t believe I was that person – the one that had to buy skivvies at the airport.

I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that I forgot to pack the right number of clothing.  Especially underwear.  And while I pride myself on packing the perfect suitcase in 5 minutes, I got sloppy this time around.

It never used to be this way. When I first started my job and traveling nonstop, my packing process resembled the Tasmanian Devil in the classic Looney Tunes.  I whirled around my room, throwing a fury of clothing, shoes, and toiletries into my bag.  9 times out of 10, I was sitting on my suitcase to close it.  Too heavy to lift, I shamefully checked my suitcase in all my flights – even the ones for a weekend.

Yep – I was that girl.

The first iteration of a “packing list” was a basic spreadsheet, where I wrote out everything I needed for a basic 3-day trip.  Over time, I started tweaking the sheet to have it spit out the requisite number of undergarments, clothing items, and the like for various trips.  Packing became easy – I’d plug and chug my days traveling, decided if I felt like wearing a suit or a dress, and got my bag packed in under 10 minutes.

And once my husband started traveling constantly for his job (he’s in consulting and travels EVERY week), I tweaked my list and shared it with him.  We now have “who can pack faster” contests, because that’s what constantly traveling couples do.

When I started working with clients on helping them pack for their trips, I’d use the spreadsheet to help design their personalized packing lists.  See a pattern forming?

Because I want to save you the expense and agony of purchasing underwear at the airport, I’m sharing the new and improved clothing calculator with you.  All you have to do is join my mailing list.  NO spam, I promise – just my best tips for traveling and packing, exclusively for you.

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