Travel Tip – How To Pick The Right Suitcase


I know all things travel and packing.  Rank & Style knows the top 10 items for any given item.

So we’ve teamed up to share how to select your luggage, and the top 10 pieces of carry-on luggage (all of which I heartily endorse).

Let’s get started, shall we?


Pick a bold color that you LOVE.

Everyone and their mother picks up a black suitcase.  Forget the baggage claim – it can cause a lot of confusion when retrieving your bags from overhead bins.  Since you’ll have your suitcase for a while, make sure you pick a color that you actually like.  Red isn’t my cup of tea, but I love the punchy blue on this FLIGHT001 Avionette suitcase.

hardware on suitcase

Quality materials, quality bag

Wheels and zippers may be a second thought to you, but they should be the first things you check when picking out a suitcase.  Durable wheels and metal zippers (versus plastic components) are important factors when picking out a suitcase.  This case  has rollerblade wheels and brass zippers.  The nylon fabric, despite its bright color, is durable and water resistant.


Pockets galore

One unifying theme among high quality suitcases is that they have LOTS of pockets.  I’m big on using the front pockets for shoes, back pockets for magazines, and everything else in the body of the suitcase.  (PS – have you read Verily magazine yet?  You should).


A roomy interior

Like a family-friendly sedan or an elusive NYC apartment, your suitcase’s interior should be deemed as spacious.  It should comfortably pack the rest of your items (clothing, toiletries, accessories, etc) with some room to spare.  This suitcase NAILS it.

I’ll be honest – I thought my Heys 4-wheeled suitcase was the best in the business.  But after test driving the Avionette, I think Rank & Style even has me beat.

I hope you found the Rank & Style list and this guide to picking a suitcase helpful!  Please COMMENT below to ask any travel questions you want an answer to – you may just see it featured in an upcoming post!

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