This Week

This Week 82

Spring is my second favorite season. When I trudge through Manhattan sludge as the wind whips my face, I think about spring.

The warmth of the sun with a slight breeze. Flowers and trees in bloom. Donning jeans and a t-shirt, with no jacket.

We had about a week of that. And now we’re in full-blown summer. I loathe summer almost as much I detest winter.

We’re firmly in shave-your-legs-every-day, start-sweating-the-second-you-walk-outside weather. The only good thing about this weather is an excuse to sip rosé and relax on rooftops at every opportunity – which I did this past weekend. On Friday and Saturday.

Which is probably how I ended up with an awful cold on Sunday. A girl can’t win.

Hey San Francisco – got room for one more? Rather, three more?

This pesky cold and sweaty weather aside, things are good. Really good. We have more friends visiting Rho this week, including my best friend coming up on Saturday to hang with us before she moves to Portland this summer (nooooo!). It must be conference season – I was at the WIRED Business Conference yesterday, and will be at TheLi.St Power Habits one tomorrow.

The rest of the time? It belongs to the little man. Walks, cuddles, books – and trying to get him to nap during the day.

Enough about me. The links!

  • Amal Clooney takes New York. While the press obsesses over what she wears, she’s busy teaching law at Columbia, representing the ‘hooded men’ in Northern Ireland, and generally kicking ass and taking names.
  • I’m itching for a stay at The Parker Palm Springs, thanks to RalucaSo many good tips!
  • Chrissy Teigen may be the only person who loves airplane food. Hers is definitely one of my favorite Grub Street Diet features.
  • Got a loved one going through hell? Don’t know what to say? Enter empathy cards.
  • Anna Wintour is a nerd for clothes, loves Kanye, and is an active fighter of youth anxiety (h/t to Victoria for sharing this post originally)
  • I’m a longtime listener of The Lively Show, but a recent episode with Rue Magazine founder Crystal Palecek was. so. damn. good. Even though the episode focused on Crystal’s pregnancy, the show really focused on her releasing her quest for perfectionism and just being. It’s a fantastic listen for anyone.

Have a great rest of your week!