This Week

This Week

I’m back!

And it feels good.

Motherhood is inexplicable in some ways. But in the end, it’s like anything you value in life. Challenging, unknown, and amazing all at the same time. I feel very, very lucky to have a happy, healthy boy and an amazing family to support us.

It also feels good to get back to work. Things are ramping up with my startup and I’m working on some packing guides for summer travels. I joined the Athena Leadership Council of Barnard College this year (the college I nearly went to!), and am attending my first board meeting on Friday. I also took Hallie’s amazing SoulCycle class yesterday and can’t wait to take more. We have a lazy weekend of long walks and dance parties with Rho on deck. I. can’t. wait.

On to the links!

  • On the too-short careers of Olympic gymnasts (hat tip to Victoria for sharing it originally)
  • Think your doctor’s seemingly high salary is the cause of skyrocketing health care costs? Think again.
  • This salad is so damn good, it makes want to say ridiculous sh!t like “it’s on fleek” (PS – what does that even MEAN??)
  • I loved this raw and brave interview from Marissa on juggling worth and motherhood.
  • Some excellent tips here on writing a great e-mail.
  • Yelp reviews of newborns. Rho is obviously a 5 star baby. (Sidebar – I’m going to do my best to limit the motherhood talk here, but will probably need a pass in the next few weeks. I. Can’t. Help. It)

How have you been? How are things going with you? And if you live in the northeast – how about this weather??

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