The Hit List – June 2013

The downside to getting older is that every year seems to go by faster.  I’m in denial that the year is already halfway over.  I’m also in denial that I turn 29 next Tuesday (eek!).

Upside – it’s been one hell of a year.  Each month is better than the last, and June was no exception.  The biggest highlight was a grocery store opening in our building, along with news that spin and boxing studios would open later this summer.  I’m quite certain that I’m never leaving this building.

Please don’t judge me that a grocery store is the highlight of my month.  It’s a very nice store – completely organic, an incredible prepared foods section, and open 24 hours a day.  My stomach has never been happier.

Other things that I loved this month include:

The Hit List June 2013

This BaubleBar necklace has rarely left my neck since I received it – it goes with everything (the rest of the lucite collection is pretty amazing too).  I’ve been playing my Boy Bands and Pop Tarts playlists non-stop – and by listening, I mean singing and dancing to them like a fool.  American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance are not in my future.  I’m always on the hunt for great historical fiction, and I can’t remember who recommended this book to me (but THANK YOU!).  The Charm School by Nelson DeMille is just that – a compelling story and so well-written.  I’m admittedly a Cold War history geek and a fan of The Americans, so that may have contributed to my unabashed love for this book.  Another great read I devoured was 8 Minute Meditation – it’s the only resource I’ve found that has taught me how to meditate.  And meditate I do, every night, before going to bed.  *deep breath*  This super soft Julie Vos scarf lives in my Rachel Roy x FEED India tote, two items I carry with me everywhere these days.  This weather isn’t conducive to lugging a heavy leather tote, and the cheeky wrap wards me from oppressive air conditioning.  The luxury sales have been so good  – my favorite score were these Charlotte Olympia flats.  Strict Workflow has done the impossible by keeping me laser focused on work – a combination of the Pomodoro technique and website blocking, it forces you to #getshitdone.  I love/hate this plugin (currently available on Chrome).  My work travel schedule has picked up again, but packing has been a breeze thanks to my beloved M.M. LaFleur dresses – I own the Yoko and the Narie.