The Hit List – January 2016

Hit List January 2016

Well, hello February!

Skipping the usual observations (this month is flying by! I’m still not used to writing 2016 in my notes!), let’s get down to the important things. My favorite things.

Truth bomb – I’ve yet to lose the book stress/holiday/vacation poundage I’ve packed on. Enter the Pixie pants (which are ALL on sale, right now), which comfortably hold in those extra pounds while giving me an otherwise lean appearance. Monochromatic outfits featuring these pants and a sweater (or a blazer/top combination) have been my uniform of choice lately, for when I need to look presentable.

Then there are my work-from-home days, where I wear a dressier-than-usual sweatpants and my A.HAM hat (the afternoon sun is blinding at my desk, and this hat is a lifesaver). If I need to run out, I’ll throw on these cozy boots from Rag & Bone and swap my snapback for this must-own beanie. I had to buy a second one after my father stole my first.

While I usually enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, I’ve replaced it with a cup of kava tea. The tea containes kavalactones, which give you the sedative effects of a glass of wine without affecting your mind. In short – a wine buzz sans hangover. I first heard about the tea on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. When brewed from the root, the tea tastes disgusting (but offers a stronger buzz). This one tastes great and helps you relax without any side effects. You can read more about the tea here.

The Theory of Everything score has been my de facto music choice while working this month – it’s so…pretty. Another Round is a new podcast discovery that I can’t stop listening to – I love Heben and Tracy’s analyses and interview style, plus the guests they line up are BOSS. I unfortunately haven’t kept up my vacation reading levels, but did get around to finishing The Tools (a tactical therapy method that has reduced my random emotional outbursts) and The Golden Dice (the sequel to The Wedding Shroud, one of my favorite historical fiction novels EVER).