Rich People Problems

Summer vacation, meet the perfect book. (Well, after this one).

Rich People Problems, the third in Kevin Kwan’s hilarious series, did not disappoint. I think it’s actually my favorite of all of them.

The series (which starts with Crazy Rich Asians and continues in China Rich Girlfriend) is focused on the wealthiest families in Singapore, and the drama that they create and that follows them. The characters are over-the-top and the storylines difficult to believe – which makes it a perfect literary escape.

Astrid has been my favorite character in this series from the beginning, and I was thrilled that Rich People Problems focused more on her story – which proceeds to get crazier with every chapter.

It’s hard to share much more from this book without spoiling anything. In short – buy Rich People Problems (or the first and second books) for your summer vacation, staycation, or when you just need to escape.

You won’t regret it.