You Need To Know About…ThugLife Shirts

you need to know about thuglife shirts


While many of my girlfriends are preparing for Fashion Week with new makeup, heels, and other snap-happy clothing, I celebrate the onslaught of presentations, events, and wine-filled meals with purchasing the items I wear INSIDE the house.  Forget leather and sequins – I’m all about comfortable leggings and cheeky printed t-shirts.

I could not have discovered ThugLife Shirts at a better time.

Super soft t-shirts with snarky phrases, these tops are right up my alley.  After the events are over, the heels are off, and the makeup is stripped off, you can find me wearing either my Dillon Panthers (Texas forever!) and Boo You Whore Crux tee.  And a cup of tea in my hand.  And my sanity slowly returning to my otherwise frazzled brain.