If Tiffany Dufu recommends a book, I will read it. Period.

Micro-Resilience may be the best one (after her own) that she endorsed.

Most personal development books are bloated, filled with unnecessary facts or stories I find difficult to relate to.

Micro-Resilience is not one of those books. A quick read, the book is packed with tools and experiences you can empathize with to transform your life.

It’s a no-frills book that can improve your life, immediately, with small shifts you can implement right now. I found the second chapter (Refocus Your Brain) to be the most powerful – I’ve been distracted by the smallest things (the news, e-mails, a random thought) which has plummeted my productivity. None of the tools presented in the chapter were new to me, but it was how they were presented that helped me use them. Each chapter is broken down into a story, the science, the solutions, and a conclusion. While I had all the tools to focus properly (a designated quiet space, time to work), I was doing a poor job of articulating those boundaries to myself and others. Now, wearing a giant pair of headphones and writing on my laptop on airplane mode is how I properly focus during my ‘create’ blocks in my calendar.

I’ll leave the rest of the book for you to explore. I have the Kindle version downloaded to my phone for quick reference, or when I need a swift kick in the ass.

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