The Hit List – June 2014

June has been a challenging month.  I found myself on my couch every Friday, cup of tea in hand, unable to pay attention to the show playing on my TV or the book in my lap.

The same went for Sunday nights.  Thank goodness for Game Of Thrones.

Now that the month is nearly done, I’m able to look back at the past weeks with gratitude.  Despite the stress and exhaustion that this month brought, it also taught me a lot about dealing with complicated situations and better managing my own boundaries.

As in, when you have a free night during the week, stay the f(#k at home.

In spite of running around like a crazy person this month, I have made some excellent discoveries (both on my own and on the recommendations of others) that I can’t wait to share.


If you have a blog on WordPress, you NEED CoSchedule.  The greatest plug-in ever, it’s an editorial calendar, social media scheduler, and all around lifesaver.  Well worth the $10/month.  My friends have been killing it with the recommendations this month.  Thanks to Viviana, I cannot put down the Bronze Horsemen trilogy.  Set in the Soviet Union circa WWII, it’s an addictive series that melds history, a badass female lead, and a compelling story (#bookcrack).  I also devoured Crazy Rich Asians and Young Money this month, and our book club met last week to discuss The Circle.  Highly recommend any and all these reads.  Usha recommended Night Vale – a very cool podcast that’s a fictional radio show.  Give this a listen as you’re winding down in the evening and getting ready for bed.  On the recommendation of Brooke, I purchased this Henry VIII mug and have promptly added more temperature-changing mugs to my cabinet.  It certainly makes my morning caffeine boost more entertaining.  Tea in a kitschy mug, a good read, and burning an incredible smelling Riles & Co candle (Brut Rosé is my favorite) is how I spent my few evenings staying in.  Even if I’ve mentioned this before, it’s worth repeating myself.  The most amazing scented candles, made of soy and hand-poured here in NYC, and a FRACTION of the cost of Diptyque.  Um, win.  Nourish Snacks have been my savior – healthy, delicious snacks while I’m running around like a crazy person?  Yes please.  I forego my excessive jewelry wearing come summer – the only pieces I’ve been wearing lately are these bangles from Alanna Bess or this pearl collar from BaubleBar.  This whole “less is more” philosophy has flowed into my beauty routine, which is edited down to this BB cream, eyebrows and mascara, and this coral lipstick.  On randomly chilly days, I immediately reach for this cape blazer.  Lightweight enough to wear in summer evenings AND cover my upper arms, which I just prefer to keep covered when possible.