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I’m consistently inconsistent when it comes to working out.  While I have a weekly torture training session with Brian (if you’re looking for a trainer in NYC, he’s phenomenal!), there are weeks where I can’t seem to make the gym on the other 6 days.

It’s not the most ideal of circumstances.

I had this notion that when I hit the gym, it had to be for at least 45 minutes (anyone else out there feel this way?).  And curbing on sleep / blog / social time didn’t seem to be a reasonable option.

But a 25 minute workout (that’s also immensely effective)?  I can do that.

Enter 5 Factor Fitness, the method pioneered by Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak.  After reading his blogs on, I became intrigued about this 25-minute method he espoused.  I bought the book, and  5 weeks later I’m hooked.  I can carve out 25 minutes on most days, and the intensity of the workouts keep my muscles challenged.  Most importantly, it keeps me in shape.

I highly recommend starting with the workout below (courtesy of FitSugar), and purchasing the book.  This workout is also perfect for NYFW insanity (and so is this Portavi Guide).

5 Factor Fitness Workout

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