Ear Candy


I must confess – I hate silence.

I crave background noise.

The traffic outside my window?  Great.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s velvety voice educating me about space?  Amazing.

“Let It Go” played in a continuous loop?  Admit it – you do the same thing.

I’ve been especially impressed with my go-to podcasts, playlists, and online radio stations.  Some are new discoveries, some are old favorites.

All are pure ear candy.  And, for the most part, FREE.

Sharing is caring.  Here are the lovely sounds coming from my Jambox…


  1. Star Talk – I love space.  I love Neil deGrasse Tyson.  “Love” is too weak a description for how I feel about Star Talk.  Unhealthy obsession is a start.  I know I mentioned this podcast here, but it needs to be highlighted again – it’s that good.  Cosmic Queries are my favorite episodes – Dr. Tyson pairs up with a comedian to select and ask questions on a specific topic.  Zombies, time travel, science fiction…nothing is off-limits.   Everything is highly entertaining AND educational.  And awesome.
    Favorite episodes – A COSMOS Conversation with Steven Soter, Cosmic Queries: Viruses, Outbreaks, and Pandemics, Space Chronicles
  2. Lady Business Radio – I feel like Jessica Kupferman is a long-lost friend.  You will too.  I think she’s an outstanding interviewer who captures her co-hosts business and personal lives seamlessly.  Jessica’s podcast kept me company as I unpacked my new apartment, drove through New Jersey for meetings, and briskly walked through chilly New York.  Basically, it’s been on repeat constantly.
    Favorite episodes – Selena Soo, Melissa Cassera, Liz DiAlto
  3. A Cast Of Kings – Game Of Thrones addicts – this is a MUST LISTEN.  One host hasn’t read any of the books – the other has.  Together, they recap the episodes, debate the storyline between show and book, discuss the music selection for the scenes, and generally be awesome.  Warning – watch the episode before listening to the podcast.  SPOILER ALERTS.
    Favorite episodes – The Lion and the Rose, Season 4 Preview
  4. The Lively Show – I had the great pleasure to meet Jess at an event last year, and I’ve been a fan of her podcast since its launch.  Like the aforementioned Jessica (total coincidence, by the way), she’s an excellent interviewer who asks poignant and interesting questions from each of her co-hosts, but with a focus on an intention-filled life.  Fellow bloggers should definitely give this one a listen – Jess gets top bloggers to share their best advice.
    Favorite episodes – Liz Schneider, Grace Bonney, Danielle Moss

Playlists & Stations

  1. 90’s Pop (Pandora) – Every. Song. Rocks.  What more do you need to know?
  2. Boy Bands and Pop Tarts (Spotify) – Beware of listening to this one in public.  I can’t help but sing and dance around to it constantly.
  3. Film Scores (Pandora) – the only approved playlist by my husband suitable for the home office sans headphones
  4. Victoria’s 90’s Favorites (Spotify) – If you need an offline version of the first Pandora station listed, this is your jam.
  5. French Café (Pandora) – perfect for cooking dinner, entertaining, or indulging in an “I wish I were in Paris!” yearning.  Pair with macarons and a glass of champagne.
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