5 Life Lessons from Lucky FABB

I’m something of a conference expert.

Granted, the majority of them are focused on pharmaceutical business.  But fashion, drug development…potato, potah-to…

I digress.  With every conference I go to, I try and glean one major lesson from the experience.  In the case of Lucky FABB, I had five.  (The conference was that good).  Here’s what I took away from the FABBulous experience:

1.  Be Nice.

Brandon Holley (Lucky’s EIC), Rachel Zoe, and Aliza Licht from DKNY were told they were too nice to be in the industry.  And all have reached the highest echelons of it.

Obviously, only being nice isn’t going to get you anywhere.  You have to work your ass off as well.  But don’t be an asshole on your way to the top.

2.  Your Voice Is More Powerful Than You Think.

I met a lot of bloggers at FABB.  The ones I remember and continue to chat with are those I didn’t talk about fashion with – rather, we talked about food (Amuse Bouche), Seattle (Mollie In Seattle), social issues facing India (Tanvii), politics (Sartorial Girl), and everything under the sun (A Flattering Tale).

The ones who could only talk about fashion – they were nice, but certainly not memorable.

One should never be afraid to talk about the things that they are most passionate about.  For me, it’s…well, a lot of things.  But I’m not afraid to discuss them, either in conversation, on Twitter, or here (did you read this post?  I’d love to hear your comments!)

3.  Do Different Things.

Rachel Zoe was a babbling brook of incredible advice.  My favorite jewels of wisdom include:

“The minute something starts to feel easy, do something different.”
“Never feel like you’re at the top, that you’re ever done.”
“Nothing is ever going to fall into your lap.”

Zoe was brutally honest about how difficult the job is, and her own struggle for balance.  It’s refreshing to hear someone share their own experiences so honestly.  As enthused as I was about Zoe’s speech, I was just that disappointed by Lauren Conrad’s…

4.  Be Fascinating.

I was really looking forward to Lauren Conrad.  I’m impressed at her multi-faceted career – two fashion lines, multiple books, websites, etc.

So when she turned out to be kind of a dud, I was disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong – Lauren was perfectly sweet and nice.  But when asked questions from the audience, she didn’t really answer them.  It reminded me of the Sarah Palin-Katie Couric interview in 2008.  For example:

Q: “You obviously have a very full career – writing books, managing websites, designing two lines.  How do you manage your day to fit it all?”
A: “Oh, I do a lot.  No day is really the same.  They’re long and busy days…”

Or this case:

Q: “I love your website, The Beauty Department.  Can you tell us one what one of your favorite beauty products are?”
A: (sheepishly) “I pretty much get my products from my makeup artist.  I use whatever she happens to give me…”

Answer the damn question.  “I write really detailed to-do lists, and stick to the day’s schedule,” or “Stila liquid eyeliner is my favorite for a cat-eye,” would have been more satisfying answers.  Lauren did look beautiful though, in her Paper Crown dress and spectator pumps from her Kohl’s line.  I just wish her answers would have been more…just more.

5.  Sugared bacon is pretty much the tastiest thing ever.

Hands down, the highlight of the conference was…wait for it…breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And this was no croissant and takeaway coffee in front of the store.

Lucky graciously planned a private breakfast in an upstairs salon, complete with delicious pastries, mimosas & coffee, and diamonds the size of ice skating rinks.

And sugared bacon.  Which was the best part of the whole experience.

There really is nothing like wearing a $100,000 diamond while munching on a piece of sugared bacon.  Ernest, the waiter with the delicious bacon treat, and I became fast friends that morning.  (and I may or may not have snagged the recipe to share with all of you!).

In case you missed it, here‘s what I wore to FABB.  I’m thrilled to say that the weather has finally cooled, just enough for me to live out my fall wardrobe fantasy.  Score.