Today is a hard day. But it’s also a sobering one.

At some point in the past 8 years, I stopped truly listening to those with opposite views. Those who didn’t support President Obama and a Democratic agenda. Those who felt like that they had no place in this new America.

Over the past 15 months, I heard what I wanted about both candidates.

I heard Trump’s heartbreaking message to immigrants, women, and various ethnic groups. I did not hear his message of “I hear you and I will fight for you” for those who felt like they were unheard over the past 8 years – by both parties.

Likewise, I chose to listen to Hillary’s message of coming together and programs to strengthen our country. I saw a woman publicly endure everything I have, at a level I can never imagine. I’m heartbroken that she will not be our President, because I firmly believe that she would have been a phenomenal one.

I did not hear the noise around her e-mails, the DNC leaks, or the message around her untrustworthiness.

Today, I’m listening.

To Trump voters – I welcome the opportunity to have an honest, respectful conversation about our President-elect. I want to understand what you see in him and why you believe he will change this country. I want to understand.

That said – I’m scared to live in today’s America. My skin is a different color. My name sounds different. When people see me, they don’t see an American first. And that terrifies me.

But I’m staying put. I believe in the America that gave my parents the opportunity to walk to a better life. The America that gave my husband and I the opportunities to run towards our dreams. The America that my son (and future children) can fly to the greatest heights in.

I’m staying. I’m listening. And I’m ready to work for a stronger, more inclusive America.

Because I still got a lot of fight left in me.

If you agree with this message, please share it with your friends, family, and random Internet followers. Please have a respectful conversation with someone with opposing views.

Please go high.