You Need To Know About…Peek


I teased you with this incredible company yesterday, featuring their incredible CEO Ruzwana in my En Route With.. series.

Today, I’m sharing why you need to know about Peek.  In addition to curating the best things to do in the United States, they’ve now launched in EUROPE – London and Paris specifically.  And if you can’t take a vacation anytime soon (*cough*ME*cough), scrolling through the beautifully designed website is a close second.

you-need-to-know-about-peekOne of Ruzwana’s favorite experiences is the olive oil tasting in Napa, but I’m keen on many of the PARIS options – a day trip to Champagne, a classic French pastry class, a treasure hunt at the Louvre.  Can you tell I have France on my mind?  Just a little bit?

I’d love to know – what is the experience YOU would most like to have from Peek?  COMMENT below and let me know.

  • Savitha

    Maybe you know this already- but you’re in the goop magazine! Saw it and thought- hey I read her blog!! Cool outfit.

    • hithaonthego

      Thank you so much, Savitha! It definitely made my day.

  • Staci Acquasanta

    I’m heading to Cabo soon- do they do stuff there?

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