• Leah

    I loved the most recent Quarterly box. The dry shampoo and a Flight 001 bag were perfect. Totally bummed you’re not going to be doing it any more (but I understand why)!

    • hithaonthego

      Thank you for your support, Leah! I truly appreciate it ;)

  • Your box will be missed. The sleep mask remains my most favourite item ever!

    • hithaonthego

      Thank you so much for your long-term support and helpful feedback, Jill! I’ll miss your reviews of my boxes, for sure.

  • Tammy

    Got my last quarterly box too! How did you know I’ve been eyeing that Flight 001 bag for the longest time? ;) Looking forward to keep it in my gym bag while my H+B voyager lives in my suitcase. Haven’t tried the toiletries yet but I’ll make sure to pack it for my next trip.

    Although I’ve only had a chance to purchase two out of your four boxes. I’m proud to say I ended up buying the other products from your first two boxes anyway. Thanks to the H+B holiday sales ;)

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