What’s Inside #HGQ04


Here we go…HGQ04! The theme of this baby was ‘pack your toiletries perfectly’, and I rely on each one of these items when packing for any trip.

Like my hospital bag. *gulp*

Let’s dig in, shall we?

FLIGHT001 x-ray bag ($14)
This bag may look deceptively small – but it fits far more than the eye can see. With a roomy 1-inch width, it allows you to fit far more little bottles than a pesky little baggie. It’s also far more durable.

And it’s pretty. Which makes packing far more fun.

S.W Basics of BK toner, cotton round, and exfoliant ($26.75)
A product has to be pretty outstanding to make the cut in my liquids bag.

This toner is all that. And then some.

SW Basics makes the most amazing skincare products from the cleanest, fewest ingredients. Originally created by the founder (in her kitchen!) for her own sensitive skin, the products have made their way in the beauty routines of countless people. And now in the shelves of Target.

You know. In case you need refills.

Toner is one of those skincare steps we mean to incorporate, but we don’t get around to. Especially when traveling.

You have no excuses now – not only is this toner in the perfect travel size, it comes with a reusable cotton round so you always have something to apply it with. While the cotton round is machine washable, I give mine a quick wash with a small squirt of hotel room shampoo and leave it to dry overnight.

Ranking up there with using toner in the “I keep meaning to do that” skincare rituals is exfoliation – especially when traveling. They’re also filled with harsh chemicals that are more harm than helpful to sensitive, post-flight skin.

Not this one.

First – it’s not even a liquid, so it can go inside your non-liquids toiletry bag. Two – it’s made of three gentle ingredients (organic oat and almond flour, sea salt) that gently slough off dead skin. Three – it leaves your skin glowing. Even after the red-eye from hell, or a late night out with friends.

Subscribers – if this description looks familiar, it’s because it’s directly from my curator letter to you. Pregnancy brain is real.

Serge Normant Meta-Revive dry shampoo ($15)
Who doesn’t want Blake Lively hair?

Thought so.

She relies on this dry shampoo to give her hair that perfectly tousled look. And with good reason – with all of the products I’ve tried (and I’ve tried them all), it works. Better than any one

How To Pack Toiletries guide ($8)
All my liquids packing wisdom is in this guide. Everything from toiletry swaps, quart-sized bag packing hacks, product recommendations…

You’ll never have to check in a bag because of too many liquids again. Ever.


And now, a little news…

Every Quarterly box I’ve put together has been focused on the major packing pains – clothing, long flights, shoes, and toiletries. And I’ve been really proud of every box we’ve delivered to you.

With that said, #HGQ04 is my last Quarterly box. With a baby arriving any day now and a startup launching this year, I’ve had to pick and choose which partnerships to keep and which to let go. A lot of time goes into curating each box – time that can go into creating new posts and guides, which is the main purpose of Hitha On The Go.

Thank you so, so much for all your support of both this website and my Quarterly collaboration. I hope you enjoyed each of these boxes as much as I did curating them. You are the best. Truly.



  • Leah

    I loved the most recent Quarterly box. The dry shampoo and a Flight 001 bag were perfect. Totally bummed you’re not going to be doing it any more (but I understand why)!

    • hithaonthego

      Thank you for your support, Leah! I truly appreciate it ;)

  • Your box will be missed. The sleep mask remains my most favourite item ever!

    • hithaonthego

      Thank you so much for your long-term support and helpful feedback, Jill! I’ll miss your reviews of my boxes, for sure.

  • Tammy

    Got my last quarterly box too! How did you know I’ve been eyeing that Flight 001 bag for the longest time? ;) Looking forward to keep it in my gym bag while my H+B voyager lives in my suitcase. Haven’t tried the toiletries yet but I’ll make sure to pack it for my next trip.

    Although I’ve only had a chance to purchase two out of your four boxes. I’m proud to say I ended up buying the other products from your first two boxes anyway. Thanks to the H+B holiday sales ;)