The T-Shirt That Keeps Getting Better With Age

7:45 a.m – Nose is runny. Throat is scratchy. Yep, I caught my husband’s cold. Thankfully, he turned off my alarm so I could rest. I hear him and Rho playing in the living room, and peel myself out of bed to join them.

9:30 a.m – We finish breakfast (a smoothie bowl for me, a smoothie for Rho using two Daily Harvest Acai & Cherry cups) and play. Magna Tiles are a new addition to Rho’s toys, and a welcome one. My mother and I build little pyramids and buildings, and Rho smashes them. I’m having deja vu from when we started playing with Legos. I have one of those emotional roller coasters of overwhelming love for my kid, sadness at how fast he’s growing up, and joy at being his mom. Feelin’ all the feels…

11:15 a.m – I needed that yoga workout. Even though it was beyond my current level, it was nice to get in a deep stretch and deeper breathing. Thanks Aaptiv! My dad’s at the stove, zhushing up some leftovers from the fridge. It smells infinitely better than the soup I had planned to heat up for lunch. We eat lunch, and I clean up the kitchen before hopping in the shower.

12:15 p.m – it’s a comfort clothes kind of day. I reach for my threadbare Fleetwood Mac t-shirt and a worn pair of skinny jeans. Instead of my usual cardigan, I reach for this vest instead. It adds a little polish while keeping me cozy. I need cozy. I also need some more Theraflu.

3:00 p.m – after dawdling on my computer (setting up a new Facebook ad, reading my Axios newsletters), I finally buckle down to work. I play Victoria’s latest playlist on my speaker, close all open tabs, fire up a Pomodoro timer, and open Byword to start writing posts. This routine has been working for me for the past few weeks, even when I’m feeling completely unmotivated.

6:00 p.m – it’s amazing how much work you can get done in just 3 hours when you’re in ‘deep work’ mode (thanks, Cal Newport!). I write tomorrow’s to-do list and tidy my desk. My aunt and uncle and my parents are staying with us this week, and I want to take them to my favorite Italian restaurant. I throw on sneakers and grab my bag. After snapping this picture with Mackenzie, I also throw on my coat. Can’t wait for no coat weather…

8:15 p.m – Rho is finally down (after 7 books and 2 attempts to get him in the crib). I’m feeling like I need to be down, too.

10 p.m – I finish journaling and meditate for 5 minutes (which I missed out in the morning). My BOTM April selections arrived, and I pick up . A few pages in, and zzzz…

Another favorite working-from-home outfit, and the coat/vest combination that’s seeing me through this endless winter.



Well, that was quick.

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  • Dana R.

    What’s the sizing like on the helmut vest?

    • hithaonthego

      It runs large! I’m wearing a small (typically a medium) and it still has an oversized fit.