Kitchen organization

At Home – Kitchen

April 6, 2012

Something I haven’t done much of, on this blog, is show my home – and that’s because there isn’t much to show.  My husband and I live in a 500 sq alcove studio in New York City, and our kitchen is a part of a larger kitchen-dining-living-room-office that we spent the majority of our time in.  That said, it is our little slice of Manhattan, and I love our little home dearly.  The kitchen area is one of my particular favorites – especially all the grains and spices in their individual jars, the glassware and barware holding court in the open shelves, and my toys (appliances, gadgets, sharp objects, oh my!)  I spent a lot of time puttering in this corner of our home, whether it’s to prepare dinner or a simple cup of tea.  I hope you enjoy seeing it – I certainly enjoy spending my time here.

- I love this Lazy Susan – both the crazy pattern (fun) and easy access to all my condiments (function) -

- Small spaces have to be functional – tea resides near the kettle, and right near breakfast grains for early mornings -

- I have a random obsession with pigs – this little guy keeps me company in the kitchen -

- Every jar has its own chalkboard top – a fun DIY project for a rainy weekend -

Like every home, this room is a constant work in progress and has had more changes since I photographed it.  But that’s what makes a house a home, right?  Let me know if you’d like to see more photographs of our humble abode – I would love to share them!