What To Eat For How You Feel

Blockchain. The allure of The Bachelor. Cryptocurrency. Ayurveda.

These are all things I don’t quite understand. And things I would like to.

…well, maybe except for The Bachelor.

Ayurveda is what I’m starting with first. The ancient practice promises better health, glowing skin, lustrous hair, and improved well-being.

Sign. Me. Up.

The easiest way to incorporate Ayurveda is through diet, and What To Eat For How You Feel is one of the best cookbooks to do so.

I love how the book introduces the basics of Ayurveda in an approachable way, from identifying your dosha (and the appropriate recipes for each) to the correct way to combine foods. While the cookbook is completely vegetarian, Alter’s presentation of an Ayurvedic diet is not restrictive. She succinctly breaks down the right foods to pair with meat, dairy, and sweets.

And the recipes. Ooooooh, the recipes.

It’s her kitchari that I adapted, and it’s become a weekly staple. Her braised vegetables has been the perfect dish for the still-frigid weather that we’re still experiencing. We’ve traded our usual quinoa or brown rice for her flavorful yellow rice, and her cooked apples are the perfect way to start your day.

I love this cookbook, and I think you will too.

I also think I need to treat myself to a meal at Divya’s restaurant as well.

This book is helping round out my Ayurvedic education, and this foot balm has saved my feet during my San Francisco trip.

My golden milk is another easy way to introduce Ayurveda into your diet. I publish a new recipe on Mondays. You can find them all here.