Travel Wallet Essentials

If my travel wallet were to get lost during a trip, I would have a heart attack.  And probably be stranded.

Thankfully, when this happened in Frankfurt last year, my travel wallet was safely stored inside my room’s locker.

It is my EVERYTHING when I travel.

It’s quite obvious why I would lose my s%*t if it were to be lost or stolen.

If you have a travel wallet – awesome.  If you don’t – get one.  And here’s what to stock it with (it’s what I keep in mine!):

Though my travel wallet is quite old, I have my eye on this fantastic one from Miamica (I love the prelabeled pockets and luxe finish!)

If you travel internationally at least twice a year, the Global Entry program is well worth the fee and detailed application.  I love breezing through immigration quickly when I land back in the United States.

Keep a pen in your travel wallet at all times – helpful for filling out immigration forms.  Ask for extra forms when you travel, to keep on hand and filled out ahead of time.

International currency is key to have on hand – I find it helpful to keep enough for a taxi ride to my destination.  As I travel to Europe and India often, I keep euros and rupees on hand at all times.

I also keep my airline and hotel loyalty cards in my wallet (as well as a list of all the membership numbers on Evernote on my iPhone), to ensure I get my miles and points.  Those suckers have amounted to some nice trips in the past.

My travel wallet is one of many items packed in my travel tote – as seen here and here.

Do you have a travel wallet?  What do you keep in it?  Share in the comments below.