Toiletry Essentials – Serge Normant


Let me preface this post with a confession – I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to hair.

Partly because I’m too impatient to deal with it. Mostly because I just suck at it. Left to my own devices, my hair devolves into an Indo-frizz-fro. Which isn’t cute. At all.

Thanks to my flat iron  and these two products, my hair passes as acceptable.

These items are also the only hair products I pack for trips up to a week.


First, a little backstory on Serge Normant. A celebrity hair stylist (he’s the man behind Blake Lively’s famed tresses), he also created an outstanding line of hair products. I’m a loyal user of the Meta line, and the hair spray and dry shampoo in particular.

You guys – this is the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried them all.

Like the rest of its brethren it does the obvious job of soaking up the oil on your scalp and leaving your hair smelling fresh. It also infuses your locks with the perfect amount of volume while leaving your hair feeling silky.

This is the only dry shampoo you can use several times a day without encountering major product buildup on your hair. When traveling (and yes, at home), I apply this baby before I go to bed, before a workout, and a quick spritz as I’m getting ready.

Prophylactic dry shampoo application is everything. And the main reason why I’m able to travel for up to a week without regular shampoo and conditioner.

Hairspray is self-explanatory, and there are many fantastic options out there. I favor this one for the strength in hold while keeping your hair silky to the touch.

Hairspray in general also helps prevent static cling during winter travels – just lightly spray your clothing or tights with it to prevent unseemly clinging.

These two products + my flat iron = my hair looking acceptable, when left to my own devices and am strapped for time.

I’ll take it.