This Week with Julia Dzafic

While I’m out on maternity leave, I’ve tapped some of my favorite writers to share a little bit about themselves and their all-time favorite links. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these links. And if you’re curious as to what I’m up to, follow me on Instagram!


In her words – Julia Dzafic is the voice behind Lemon Stripes, a lovely blog that documents her adventures in fashion, healthy cooking, and colorful home decor. She and her husband are recent transplants to Connecticut from Manhattan to be closer to her day job as the Marketing Director for Nourish Snacks. Fun fact? She drinks a green juice every day!

In my words – You know those Instagram accounts that make life seem absolutely perfect. Julia has one of those. But behind the bright, cheery pictures is an intelligent, funny woman who has made my life better in the 21 months she’s been in it.

Enough gushing. Onto Julia’s favorite links:

  • A 30 day minimalism challenge.
  • I’ve become close to Ali, the powerhouse behind Inspiralized, through my work at Nourish. She creates INCREDIBLE recipes using an inspiralizer (basically a little machine that makes any vegetable into noodles). My husband is Paleo and I’m Italian, so her recipes have become the perfect compromise for us.
  • I can’t believe this is on my list but hear me out! I use the old school 8 minute abs video  a few times every week. It’s SUPER cheesy and the outfits are incredibly epic, but it works! When you only have 8 minutes to spare (which pretty much everyone has at some point every day), just turn this on wherever you are and work it out. I promise that your abs will be sore the next day. Don’t believe me? Try it! (Also a fan of 8 minute arms)
  • This post was a tough one for me to write but I’m really proud of this post. It’s important for women everywhere to love the way they look, even if it isn’t what society dictates as “beautiful” these days. I like to think that this blog post helped someone else out there feel proud to be who they are, inside and out.
  • I’m pretty much obsessed with everything that Bri does. Her site, DesignLoveFest, is always beautiful, colorful, and inspirational. This post on Tulum sparked my trip this March. How could you not want to travel there after reading this and looking at her stunning photos?
  • I have many favorite posts from Julia (and she stole the one I was going to share!). High on the list is ‘The Season of Killin’ It’. 2014 was a major year of change in our little group, and to watch Julia just dominate life in all aspects come December made me so. damn. happy for her. And because she’s so generous, she shared her tips for killin’ it in the post.

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