This Week

This Week 99

October – where did you go???

My hair is a little bit grayer. My son is a little bit lot bigger (stop that, please). The weather is a little bit cooler. And I am nowhere near ready for this year to be over.

What I wouldn’t give for Hermione’s time turner necklace right about now. Yesterday was a doozy – all day meetings, followed by a much needed sushi date with my husband.

Naturally, Halloween is the highlight of this week. Rho’s costume is already secured, and I’m putting the final touches on mine and my husband’s. It’s an urban celebration for us, as we trick-or-treat in our building and then eat all of the baby’s candy when he’s asleep. We’re also going to see the legendary Al Pacino perform on Broadway in China Doll. Cannot wait. And tonight is the third GOP debate, which I hope will be just as entertaining as the first two.

Today is a work-in-sweatpants-from-bed kind of day. And I don’t hate it.

On to the links!

  • Always wanted to learn how to code? With Lisa’s guide, now you can.
  • Reason #5949288982 I’m glad I’m not a celebrity – trying to keep up with these moms. Yeesh.
  • PJ’s checklist for weekly self care is a must download. And print. And, you know, to actually do.
  • And speaking of self care, follow Grace’s tips for the best bath ever.
  • Getting your winter wardrobe ready? Give your jewelry a thorough (and fast!) cleaning for the new season as well.
  • I love this honest, raw, and funny essay on a mashup marriage between an Indian woman and a Jewish man.
  • Every Tuesday on Bridge2Act‘s social channels, we profile a new charity for #CharityTuesday. This week’s selection spoke deeply to my heart. Even though the Nepal earthquake was over 6 months ago, the country is still in shambles. A $20 donation to Children & Youth First will provide tuition and lunch to a student for a MONTH. If you’re feeling generous, you can donate here. Every penny goes a long way to get these kids back in school and to keep them there.

Have a wonderful week!