This Week

This Week 73

People bemoan about the January gloom, but I think February is the worst.

The month usually brings the worst of the weather. Valentine’s Day nonsense bombards you (but I’ll happily indulge in the discounted candy on February 15th). Football season is officially over. Spring seems an eternity away.

The only silver lining to THIS February is being heavily pregnant – i.e. the best reason to be staying in. I still make it to Neuehouse and lunch meetings a couple of times a week, but am happily ensconced at home in fleece pants, ridiculous slippers, and an Apple TV filled with unwatched episodes of Madame Secretary, The Americans, and The Good Wife. This weekend, we have our last play in our pre-baby Broadway binge (Fish In The Dark) and fete-ing Jodie Foster at the Athena Film Festival award ceremony.

And LOTS of couch/pajamas/reading time.

  • You’ll never believe which state has the nation’s best child vaccination rate.
  • I want this entire outfit – head to toe (bonus – the cape is 50% off with code FASHIONTRUFFLES50)
  • Two of my favorite worlds collide – the history behind the kir royale.
  • 5 things you should do – for yourself. I would have laughed if you told me that morning workouts (two of my previously most-hated things) would be the favorite thing I do for myself. The 3-4 mornings a week I get in my depressingly slow walks and weights routines result in my most satisfying, productive days. I’ve bookmarked this flow workout for post-birth, can’t-make-it-to-the-gym moments.
  • Unfamiliar with David Atchison? You’re not alone – the man had the shortest presidency in recorded history.
  • Vintage homeware lovers need to bookmark this post before their next antiquing quest.

Have a wonderful week, and stay warm!

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