This Week


I am…jetlagged.

We flew in last night after spending Sunday and Monday in Stockholm.  We ate, walked…ate some more.

After 10 days of unbridled, indulgent eating, mama needs a green juice.  Or 243 of them.

Despite my best efforts to give myself a day or two to ease back into normal life, I’m fully back in the swing of things.  There are a lot of exciting things happening with work and this blog which I’m excited to dive into, and my evenings are rounded out with birthday celebrations (Julia’s and my own), a Bastille Day-themed game night I’m excited to host, and a lazy Sunday brunch with one of my favorite couples.

It was a great vacation.  And it’s shaping up to be a great week and month.  30, I like you.

Let’s dive into those links, shall we?

  • How Oprah does it all.  Note to self – start meditating again.
  • I’ve admittedly gained some weight over the past 6 months.  I swing between beating myself up about it to saying “f*$k it, I’ll eat what I want.”  Jess’ post on the “abs situation” was an eye-opening read, and was the catalyst in my facing the extra poundage with kindness.  Julia also wrote a brave post on body dysmorphia and the need to be nicer to ourselves.  Ladies, I couldn’t agree more.
  • Being kinder and more mindful means a reduction in indulgent treats, and more salads instead.  But these almond butter cookies look like a nice treat that’s also delicious.
  • Being mindful also means doing this arm workout while catching up on terrible reality television (Ladies of London, how I’ve missed you!)
  • This essay on arranged marriage hit close to home – it’s how my parents came together (they met July 18, married August 4) over 35 years ago.
  • Rounding out this week’s links is this post on the state of fashion blogging.  I have nothing but respect for the women who have been able to create a full-time career out of showcasing their style, but I do believe it’s become generally formulaic – gorgeous thin woman, a high-low mix of clothing, a heel (nearly always a heel), an expensive bag, and sunglasses (note – there are definitely exceptions to this observation, but it’s my opinion that the most financially successful bloggers fit this mold).  Fashion blogging has also become an opportunity to hock links for items worn, items desired, stores to shop at.  I miss the days when a great outfit cost less than $100 and the wearer was larger than a size 0.  Just my two cents – I’d love to hear yours.

Have a wonderful week!

Photograph by Hitha Palepu