This Week

Can I say something and you won’t throw figurative rotten tomatoes at me?  Really?  Okay.

I love the first week back at work after a holiday.  *hides behind my couch*

While I eased back in last week’s (or shall I say work days), I’m fired up for getting a TON done this week – both professionally and personally.  Between a much-needed hair cut, dinners and breakfasts with friends, and preparing for one of my busiest weeks of the year, I’m also taking a little time every day to read for pleasure (currently reading this), with a cup of hot tea and a lit candle, listening to chill music on Pandora.  It’s blissful, and I look forward to it every day.

I’m also loving and fascinated by these links:

  • This hospital bill (for an appendectomy, no less) is SHOCKING.
  • January seems to be Mindy Kaling‘s month.  Win.  She’s the guest editing The Chalkboard and landed her first magazine cover.  Sadly, her cover looks a lot different than the others sharing the honor.  Fail (and shame on you, Elle!).
  • After reading Felicia’s recap, I’m so down to try Chaise Fitness.  It’ll give me a chance to break out my Nike Studio Wraps (I’m not kidding when I say I’m obsessed with them).
  • This post on the ONE thing to do when starting a company is a must-read, for entrepreneurs and non-‘treps alike.
  • If you don’t know Lyndsey Scott, you should.  She’s a Renaissance woman who struts the catwalk by day (in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, no less) and codes apps at night.  Bad.  Ass.
  • My friend Annie celebrated her first anniversary of her blog (and a truly eventful 2013).  I’m a fan of her immaculately written website, and you should be too.

What’s new for you this week?  Any fun plans or great reads you’ve come across?  COMMENT below and let me know!

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