This Week

Jetlag is a funny thing.  I’m mostly recovered now, but it threw both my husband and I for a switch.  My typically early-to-bed-early-to-rise hubby was a certified night owl, and I was fast asleep by 8 p.m and annoyingly chipper at 6 a.m.  We should be back to normal by this weekend, with a greater empathy for each other’s morning and night habits.

Highlights from this week – being home.  Reuniting with my favorite blog gals at Jessica’s event.  Our now-regular game night at Victoria and Joe’s.  Catching this musical before it closes.  And baking ninjabread (it’s as awesome as it sounds – and will be well documented on Instagram).

The lowlights – other than catching up on a mountain of work, I honestly can’t think of any.  Life is good.

Some of my favorite links from this week:

  • You will cry from laughter at the greatest holiday card I’ve ever seen.  Can this family adopt me?
  • You will cry from sadness/poignancy at this story and the accompanying pictures.  You’ve been warned.
  • In an effort to burn off my Asia chub, I broke out my husband’s standing desk and am now addicted (see it in action here).  Burning constant calories is great and all, but this desk allows me to get my groove on while working.  It’s been the best productivity booster.
  • I really love Jess’s Private Victory starter kit (bonus – it’s free).  What a great tool to prepare for the new year.
  • I can’t get enough of Grace‘s flats collection with Matt Berenson.  I have my eye on her eponymous striped sequin flats.  I’ve been looking for a fancy flat to wear for all my Indian formal events, and these are perfect (and for daily wear, obviously).
  • Some major industry news worth knowing – drug blockbusters are all but a thing of the past.  Perhaps that’s why GSK is overhauling its sales strategy – the company will stop paying physicians and no longer compensate reps on prescriptions written.  I’ll be following these stories closely.
  • And to wrap it up, this happy news from the aftermath of the Boston bombings.

For those frantically packing to head home this weekend – check back tomorrow for my next Travel Tip post.  And have your printer ready.  Happy holidays!

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