This Week

You guys – I never want to leave Bali.  No words (or pictures, as much as I may try) do justice to this truly incredible island.  After a trying time in Beijing (more on that later), our experience here has been idyllic – warm people, incredible culture, and the food is phenomenal.  We left paradise for Kuala Lumpur yesterday for Usha and Sam’s wedding festivities, and I cannot WAIT to celebrate the love and marriage of such great friends.  For pictures and updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram – you won’t be disappointed.

Highlights from this week – vacation, vacation, and more vacation.  I don’t want to come home.  Downside – AirAsia (more to come on that front).

In the few moments I wasn’t lazing about, here are some of my favorite reads from the week:

  • *MUST READ*  Why you shouldn’t take antibiotics unless you absolutely have to.
  • I kept it pretty simple this Black Friday – I snagged a 15-class pack at Doonya (Bollywood-esque Zumba – it’s as amazing as it sounds) and a new coffee table.  What did you purchase?
  • In the insanely crowded gift guide blog posts, Victoria curated an immaculate selection.  I bookmarked most of the items for myself!
  • An interesting perspective on leaving New York.  Given that I didn’t move here until I was 26 and married, my NYC life is a LOT different.  And I don’t see myself leaving this city anytime soon.
  • I highly recommend you make these for the holiday season.
  • NASA is on Instagram.  Follow them immediately.
  • In case you missed it – I wrapped up my Italy Travel Diary with a recap of our apartment rental and cooking class.

It’s our last full week on vacation, and my husband and I are starting to ease into a little bit of work (an hour or two of e-mails a day, etc).  We each confessed how much we missed work (not TOO much, but just a bit) over breakfast today.  We are a strange couple, and in that respect absolutely perfect for each other.

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